Dashboard manual

DASHBOARD is used to create a new category in VORTOJ.

1. Log in at dashboard.vortoj.net, using the same login data you have at play.vortoj.net.

2. Press + next to Categories

3. Fill in the details of the new category: the name (Name), the description (Description), the language in which the category will be created (Select Language) and the level of vocabulary (Select Difficulty).

And press CREATE CATEGORY in the lower right corner.

4. Then press the ADD QUESTION button to start adding the individual words that will be practiced in that category.

5. Several items must be added to each word, depending on which game mode you want to create the category for.


下落单词, 拼写, 探险

For these modes, it is necessary to fill in the fields:

图像 - 文字

For this mode, it is necessary to fill in the fields:

PS: Embedded images must be free to use (i.e. without copyright) = “royalty free pictures”, CC0, etc.


For this mode, it is necessary to fill in the fields:


For this mode, it is necessary to fill in the fields:

6. SAVING – Once all items have been entered, you must save everything using the ADD QUESTION button in the bottom right corner.

7. HIDDEN – VISIBLE CATEGORY – While you are still working on the given category and continuously adding it to the Dashboard, leave it “HIDDEN” – HIDE CATEGORY. After completing it, press SHOW CATEGORY so that it is visible and can be part of the game.

8. APPROVAL OF THE GAME BY THE ADMINISTRATOR – The new vocabulary category created in this way will become part of the game once it has been approved by the administrator.

9. REMOVING ERRORS – If you find that there is an error (typo) in a word in your category while playing the game, you can correct it via the Dashboard. You open your category, click on the arrow in front of the keyword and 3 icons will expand: edit the word, make a copy, delete the word. Clicking on the first icon will open all the columns where you can correct any entry of the word. Once corrected, be sure to click EDIT QUESTION in the bottom right corner to save the changes to the system (dashboard).