An educational game you’ll love.

Learn new vocabulary, practise grammar and discover pronunciation in this new game that complements language learning.

Check out the features


The game will come out of the box with features that are designed to support a variety of situations, from players that need more time, to those who want to explore and push their own boundaries.

Game modes

The game modes provide a variety of ways to practice and learn new parts of the language you’re interested in! Choose the game mode you prefer, or experiment with new ones as each mode comes with its own strengths. Have fun!

Falling words

Decide whether the word is correct right when it hits the line!

Image – word

Which word aligns with the picture? Your call!

Audio word

What was the word you just heard?


Which of the two is the correct spelling?

Gap filling

Choose which word best fills the gap in the sentence.


Play a game controlling a character, meeting questions as you go along!


Ennek a projektnek az Európai Bizottság általi támogatása nem azonos annak a tartalomnak a támogatásával, amely csak a szerzők véleményére hivatkozik. A Bizottság nem lehet felelős az itt megjelenő információk bármiféle felhasználása miatt.