Vortoj Language Master

Get the ultimate Vortoj version! Packed with every language we support, ability to edit vocabularies and reset highscores, we present to you Vortoj Language Master. It is Vortoj at heart, naturally that hasn’t changed but it offers so much more than its siblings. Apart form the number of languages the biggest difference is the unlocked option to change dictionaries! Meaning that you can change the words (right and their wrong counterparts) hence creating a custom word list for a class about phrasal verbs or endangered species in the wild is no problem at all. Once you’re done, resetting the list back to its original state is a matter of a single click.

  • 8 languages!
  • EN, SK, FR, ES, EO, DE,  IT, RU
  • edittable dictionary
  • every category and then some
  • highscore leaderboards + options
  • dancepad support
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